ECW Configuration Services


  • (2) CDMA modules and (1) 4G LTE

  • Configure up to (6) extensions, (4) VoIP wire line phones & (2) analog phones

  • Voicemail enabled for all extensions

  • Customers' names are added to each extension

  • Call waiting and caller ID is enabled

  • IP PBX configured for customer inbound routing

  • Music on hold is enabled with default file

  • IP PBX configured to have all lines ring simultaneously

  • Auto attendant to answer after business hours

  • Dial "9" for outside line #1 and dial "8" for outside line #2

  • Outside line #2 is configured as a redundant line to line #1 if the line is unavailable or busy

  • Voicemail to email notification is disabled

  • Standard firewall settings enabled

  • ECW to be configured without any VoIP account or SIP trunking

  • Correct time zone configured

  • SSID and password configured for user

  • Administration username and password configured for user

  • ECW remote management disabled

  • If WAN and/or POTS services are present; set as primary connection over wireless service

  • Local IP address is set to

  • Call forwarding is disabled

  • Quality of Service is disabled

Select how many VoIP extensions to support

Configure CDMA expansion pack(s)

Configure SIP service

Customized Firewall Settings

Backup Configuration File

Update ECW Firmware