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Q: What does the name ECW_4213 stand for?

A. The ECW is a 4G model with 2 CDMA’s and works on band L13.

Q: How does the ECW work with no cords?

A. The ECW works like a cell phone by connecting with the Verizon 4G LTE network. That way, you never have to have a phone line installed. Just plug it into an electrical source, and you are connected!

Physical Installation:

Q: What is the best location for the ECW?

A. The ECW can be install on any wall, desk or shelf.  The wall plate allows for wall installation and the base allows for desk or shelf placement.

B. The best location should be where you have the strongest mobile signal (between -75dBm and -90 dBm).

C. The Antennas can be placed by a window or outside.  (the antennas should always be on the grounding plate – the plate should be wired to an electrical ground.)

Q:  What is the max number of extensions that the ECW can support?

A. 36

Q: How many antennas come with the ECW?

A. 2 CDMA Antennas (one for each CDMA port)

B. 2 LTE Antennas (2 are required for each LTE)

C. 2 GPS for network location verification

Q: What is the maximum length a 10/100 Ethernet cord can be run before performance is effective?

A. Roughly 300 ft.  Allowing for flexible placement.

Q: What is the maximum length that you can run an antenna cord before you run into –db loss?

A. Roughly 40 ft

Q: What is the power output of the ECW? Does the ECW have the ability to be hard wired to a truck/car battery?

A. 12 volts, 5amps so total power is 60 watts. (V*A=W). Yes based on the output stats, however we don’t provide installation instructions to accommodate hard wiring. You can also use a DC to AC converter in the vehicle and plug in the ECW as you would with a normal outlet.

ECW Capabilities:

Q: How may extensions will the ECW support?

A. The basic configuration support 8 extensions; 2 analog and 6 VoIP. 

B. The advanced configured ECW will support up to 36 extensions.

Q: What types of phones will the ECW support?

A. Analog phones, wireline VoIP SIP phones, WiFi SIP phones and softphones on PCs and laptops.

Q: Is SIP trunking allowed?

A. Not in the basic configuration, but yes in the advanced configured ECW.

Q: How many concurrent outgoing calls can be handled by the ECW.

A. This depends on the configuration of the unit.   Below is the outgoing capacity of the units ports:

a. One Analog line call

b. One mobile call per CDMA port

c. Up to 70 SIP calls on LTE (but may be limited by SIP service subscribed to)

d. UP to 70 SIP calls on the DSL/Cable modem WAN port (but may be limited by SIP service subscribed to)

Q: I get a call waiting tone on my outgoing calls is there a way to disable that?

A. You will need to call your VzW rep and have the call waiting feature deactivated from each CDMA line.

Q: Can you take your box wherever you want and still have PBX functionality?

A. Yes the box can be taken and setup at different locations as long as the same equipment is used that the initial configuration is based on. The IP PBX is an internal feature of the ECW. As long as the device is powered on and you have an active connection with either CDMA or LTE, and the unit is configured to support your desired call path.

Q: Can you connect to an existing PBX via VPN and then set up a network printer? (Ex. I’m at my home office and want to send a print job to the mobile site.)

A. Yes. You can connect multiple VPNs to ECW.

Q:  Can you use fax when using ECW?

A. Yes, there are 3 different ways you can fax with ECW

1. E-Fax: is the simplest version as these services are low-cost and provide a simple solution and way to store your document in the cloud or on a drive. You can always print them if you need a hard copy.

2. You could connect a regular fax machine to ECW using T30, but you would need a current POTS line running to the ECW.

3. Fax over Ethernet: You need to use an ECW Ethernet port and run wire through T38 and connect it to your fax machine. Also need a monthly subscription from NetTalk.

Q: Does the ECW have the same features as a traditional phone system?

A. Yes! Features include music on hold, multiple languages, voicemail, and multiple extensions.

Q: Is my information secure when I use the ECW?

A. Yes! The ECW is has a firewall built in, so you can be sure that your information is protected.

Q: I hate having so many cords going to my router. Does ECW have a lot of cords?

A. You can use ECW’s WiFi to connect to the internet. The signal can travel up to 300 feet!

Q: Do I need to purchase separate security software for my computers?

A. ECW has a built-in firewall and security (ICSA certified, pre-defined security policies, stateful packets inspections, access control lists, MAC address filtering, advanced NAT, advanced filtering rules protection).

Q: Do I need to be on site to manage ECW and change its configuration?

A. No. ECW allows for remote management so your IT department or support services can configure your ECW through web-based management system. This is not the default configuration.

Q: Do I need to purchase a separate PBX machine for my business?

A. No. ECW has all PBX capabilities and can be configured and customized based on your business needs.

Q: Can the ECW use an existing telephone service?

A. Yes. The ECW allows a user the ability to use their existing telephone service provider and utilize the internal PBX to meet users unique needs.

Q: Can I use a mobile phone as a SIP phone connected to the ECW?

A. Yes. You will need to download an application 3CX on the cell in order to use this service and configure the phone to work with the ECW.

Q: Does the ECW support power over Ethernet?

A. No it does not. You will need an Ethernet switch that provides power.

Q: Will the ECW work in a moving vehicle?

A. All cellular modules support handover within the same technology and when falling back to a lower speed technology.  LTE based devices were tested in moving devices and are working.

Q: Can I connect a USB external storage device directly to ECW?

A. Yes. ECW has two build-in USB ports for connecting external storage devices, which can be used for backup purposes or for sharing files across your internal computer network. 


Q: If I have forgotten my username and password to log into the GUI how do I retrieve that information?

A. There will not be a way for you to retrieve that information. However you can gain access to the GUI by pressing the reset button to default the ECW back to originally saved settings.

Q: Will the unit support more than on user ID and user profile?

A. Yes. The ECW comes with a default Admin Log-in. You can add Managers and Users profiles.


Q: I am not receiving customer voicemails.

A. Your VzW rep will need to deactivate the voicemail feature on the CDMA lines as the voicemails are not being saved on the internal PBX.

Q: Customer is stating that they are calling in normal business hours. My caller ID feature is showing they are calling outside my business hours. What is the issue?

A. The date and time are probably not correctly setup on the ECW. You will need to log into the GUI using the IP address and log in with your username and password.  From there you will need to go to Advanced > Date and Time > Select Time Zone.

Service Activation:

Q: Is there someone who is the point person at VzW to instruct reps on what to do to activate an ECW? 

A. We provide Verizon with the CDMA, and LTE module information in our products (at the time of shipment from the factory).  Those are uploaded into the ODI database as "approved devices" on their network.  When your small biz rep wants to activate the ESN or IMEI they will either log into their activation portal (the same way they do a phone) or the end customer will log into their Verizon account online and add service.  Once they enter the ESN / IMEI it will say it is an approved device, and then allow them to select the approved rate plans with ECW.

Q: Can you set parameters on the data usage? (Ex: Between these two dates, if you usage is greater than 4.9GB then suspend).

A.  No

Q: Why is there a need to active a hunt group along with the two CDMA lines?

A. Hunt group is required so that the 2 CDMAs get linked to 1 phone number instead of 2. This single phone number will represent both the modules. Thus, an ECW owner doesn't need to provide 2 different phone numbers to their callee to reach them. Most of ECW interested customers are asking for this service. This is expected in office environment. We are not sure how Verizon would go ahead assigning these numbers.

Q: What plans will ECW be provisioned on? Are you provisioning these devices on M2M plans or MBB 5GB and 10GB?

A. It has the ability to do data connections in EITHER Mobile Broadband or M2M capacity.  Therefore depending on the customer's requirement, either plan would work – both are beneficial to the sales reps’ compensation

Q: When I plug in my current internet connection to the WAN port will the WAN or the Verizon data be my primary internet connection? How does a switch over works in case there is an outage of my wired internet connection?

A. Every time an internet wire is plugged in the WAN port it will always be a primary data connection and the ECW recognizes it. The ECW will automatically start using the WAN internet data. When there is an outage of the wired internet line ECW automatically recognizes it and within 5-10 seconds it automatically switches to using the Verizon data connection, providing that the data Verizon data plan is active and the 4G LTE SIM card is plugged in the device.

Q: To the question above: Can this situation be reversed? Can I have my Verizon data connection set up as my primary data source and be using it even when my internet wired line is plugged in the WAN port?

A. No. Whenever an internet wire is plugged in to the WAN port you will always be using the data from the wired connection.

Q: I already have an internet connection. Will ECW’s internet connection be slower because it is wireless?

A. ECW is powered by the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, so the internet connection is very fast. Typical internet connections have about a 4kbps download speed, and a 1kbps upload speed. One average ECW’s speeds are typically 12Mbps for downloads and 5Mbps for uploads!

Q: What happens if the cellular network is not working?

A. If the 4G LTE network is down, ECW will automatically switch over to the 3G network, meaning you stay connected even in the event of network problems!

Q: How do I make long-distance calls?

A. The ECW is set up just like a cell phone, so if your plan supports long-distance, or even international calls, you can use the ECW to make those types of calls.

Q: Where is the best spot to set up ECW in my business?

A. You can place ECW wherever it is most convenient for wiring and your business; however, to ensure the best possible performance, ECW and its antennas should be placed in a spot with the strongest 4G LTE signal. Please verify the signal strength before setting up the unit.